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Aluminum ingots are manufactured by Axes Arabia, a metal casting factory located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. AAC is a manufacturer of recycled aluminum that was founded in 2021 in order to provide the best services to our valued customers locally, internationally, and in various industries such as the Automotive and General Die Casting Industries. Our casting capacity is 7,500 tons.

AAC is one of the most renowned producers and distributors of aluminum ingots for metal recycling in Saudi Arabia. In addition to producing the highest quality products, our factory also provides a safe working environment for all employees. Through our production, we also seek to aid the environment by recycling aluminum.

Our Vision is to become a local and international market provider for Aluminum Ingots by providing the best services .We also have a branch of trade specializing in selling rock-wool materials. future to become one of the leaders in their specialty

To ensure complete client satisfaction by providing superior products at reasonable prices in a timely manner. We promise to always utilize the most recent tools and production methods available.

The main idea was to establish a new facility that would add value to the existing industry by shortening processing times and providing the market with an additional source of aluminum row materials, which are required in several industrial fields. Utilizing the waste aluminum element and repurposing it in other industries, aluminum scrap recycling is viewed as a means of protecting the environment.

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People today consider us one of the most well-known producers of aluminum ingots. Here are some of the many reasons why our consumers are our first priority. The following factors are listed to our customers:

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Delivered ingots in accordance with our specifications and on schedule.


The highly experienced team at AAC understood all aspects related to manufacturing based on our needs.


Flexibility during the agreement along with commitment and punctuality.